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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gift idea for your older daughter when the second child arrives

I am getting ready for the arrival of my second daughter and in preparation, I have spent a lot of time and thought about something special I can give to my 2 year daughter that will be meaningful and something that she can look at while I am away that will remind her that Mommy loves her too!  When she started preschool about two months ago she exhibited the normal separation anxiety that was to be expected.  So to help with that, I would give her 'transitional objects', objects used to provide emotional comfort when in a new, unique or unusual situation.  One thing that seemed to work well was giving her one of my hairbands that she would wear as a bracelet.  In turn, when I gave her one, she gave me one to wear and would bump her wrist into mine like that cartoon from the 70's where they said "wonder twins activate".

So I thought perhaps matching bracelets would be a good idea, but wasn't looking to spend a fortune on something she could potentially lose, she's a toddler!  I stumbled across a great website called  .  I ordered two of the enamel bangles which were absolutely adorable when they arrived and just about the most perfect gift I could think of getting.  Check out this website, they have a range of jewelry at all different price points, but super cute items!  I will for sure purchase from them again.

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