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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daughters Rule! (until adolescence, I think)

So, my husband who is the busiest person I know sent me this link, and mind you,  I have no idea how in his crazy schedule he found this particular post which has really nothing to do with the things he usually reads.  Anyhow, it's awesome and I think it's worth sharing because I often look at my daughter who is always in pigtails and she ROCKS them and loves having me put them in her hair in the morning!  Then I wonder when or if the wind will be taken out of her sails.  I am a therapist.  I have read "Reviving Ophelia" and know there is a significant amount of truth to that book as much as I hate the reality of it.   I have already seen countless girls come through my office displaying just this...hating their bodies, denying their intelligence to fit in, not speaking up for someone who is being bullied because they are afraid of the fate that will await them.  Thankfully, I swore off women's magazines that portray women as airbushed, photoshopped, hairless, celluliteless droids long ago both for my own mental health and for the potential mental health of the daughter I always hoped I would have and that I am blessed to have today.  That being said...I celebrate this post and was sickened by some of the comments.  Why can't we create a world that is different for OUR girls?  Tell me, why????

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Anonymous said...

This is great. I really appreciate your blog. Cheers!