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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Scene on the Street - People Acting Responsible Stories (PARS)

My car got hit the other day.  Actually, the morning I returned from my birthday weekend away having puked all weekend with the stomach flu.  Yeah!

I wouldn't probably have noticed my car had been hit if my husband didn't ask me about the note that seemed to be on the windshield of my car.  Then we saw the damage.  Surprisingly, the note was from the person who hit my car that very morning.  In the note she apologized for hitting my car saying she was, "so, so sorry", had hit my car while parking and left her telephone number asking me to call her.  I called, and got the voicemail for a person named "Drea."

Around 7 that evening, I got a call back.  It was her.  She was apologetic about the damage and the fact it had taken her all day to call me back. Wow.  She had already filed a claim with her insurance department.  Double WOW.  What was this?  No arguing, no debating, no denying responsibility, no trying to get out of it.  She had a claim number and a phone number to call.  Wow, wow, wow!  To be sick all weekend sucked, to have my car hit sucked too, but I would have my car hit any day if it was by someone as reasonable and responsible as "Drea".  Thanks, "Drea", you give me hope that my daughter will at least encounter a few of you as she makes her way into the world.

Please share your "PARS" !!!

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ksc said...

WOW i love Drea!!!!!!