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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The heartbreak of parenting

I have been told that parenting tugs at your heart and that you would go to great lengths to take the pain away from  your children.  I now know what that feels like.

My daughter is young, so I have yet to see her feelings get hurt or to see her disappointed.  But Sunday night she fell.  It seemed like a normal toddler fall, but her inability to be soothed as she normally is was an indication that something was different, wrong.   There were no cuts, no scrapes, no redness, no blood.  She wanted to be held, and she was held all she wanted.  When we tried to put her down, we noticed she couldn't bare weight on her feet.   Did she hurt her feet, her ankles, her legs?  After x-rays were done, we were told that she had fractured/broken her left ankle.   They put her tiny little leg in a splint with a referral to a Pediatric Orthopedist.   My heart hurt.  Take my ankle, take my leg, take whatever you want, just don't make her feel this pain.  I would do anything that would take the pain away from her, yet I know that I can't which is so painful.

As I sit with her and watch her struggle trying to find other ways to move around it brings tears to my eyes and puts a pit in my stomach and I realize that at 17 months, this is only the beginning of things to come.

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