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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scene on the Street - Idiots I hope my daughter does not emulate

Nowadays, there are plenty of people I can say that I pray my daughter does not wake up one morning and decide she wants to be like.  Reality television give us all plenty of choices in that area.

Last night, I added our next door neighbor to this list.  About 11:30pm I was awoken by someone  close to our home setting off fireworks.  I was actually too tired to get out of bed to determine who it was and just rolled over.  Then around 1am, something that sounded like a body or a significant load of who knows what landed on the part of our roof directly over our bedroom.  It was loud, very loud.  I thought for a tired disoriented moment that our roof would cave.  My husband who sleeps through mostly everything sort of woke up hearing the noise too.  We ran upstairs to find a woman on our third floor patio struggling to get up.  It was pretty obvious she was smashed drunk.

After determining that she was ok and just totally beyond drunk, my husband tried to help her up which she, in her drunken hot mess of a state, was resisting and insisting that she really was 'fine'.  Typical piss drunk stupidity.  People who are fine don't just fall off a five foot wall onto the neighbor's balcony.  She could have killed herself!  And to make matters worse, the two guys she was with on her balcony, didn't even realize she had fallen.   One was sitting on their roof (her boyfriend) with full view of our balcony and was just staring out into space as this whole incident unfolded without batting an eye.  Drunk girl, tried to explain that she was trying to hide from the cops when she ended up on our roof.  Ok.

What makes people think that excessive alcohol consumption and heights go together?  I see a young girl like this and it scares me.  I don't want that to be my daughter and I know I won't always be able to protect her.  If it weren't for my husband, drunk girl really could have killed herself last night trying to get back to her own house being as drunk as she was and without friends who were somewhat sober.  Unfortunately, she will most likely not remember an iota of what happened last night aside from potentially being super sore from her fall, but if I see her, I plan to remind her to give her a healthy amount of anxiety to potentially prevent her from further drunken stupid acts.   I fell like I owe it to her Mother.

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