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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Best Pediatric Visit

My little peanut had to go for her follow up appointment at the Pediatric Orthopedist this morning and it was a dream under the unpleasant circumstances.  The NP who saw my daughter was soft spoken, calm, relaxed, kind, gentle and thorough.   I have seen my daughter cry hysterically through every appointment since she fractured her ankle, but today she was a champ and I credit the staff at the hospital for making the difference.   They suggested to cast her in the exam room since they said that the cast room was, at the time, pretty chaotic.  They casted her while she sat on my lap with her Dad and beloved Raggedy Ann by her side.  She barely made a peep and I truly believe it had to do with the staff and how they related to my little one.  They get kids and it showed.  I will call the patient relations department to let them know how I felt about their staff and our visit.  I'm aware that I have no problem complaining when I am displeased with services that I am conscious to remember that I should also make a big fuss when I am happily satisfied. 

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