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Monday, March 14, 2011

Daylight savings time

I have mixed feelings about daylight savings time mostly because when it's dark out wine time comes sooner, but this morning, I am loving it.  It was still so dark this morning when my daughter woke up for some milk that she went back to sleep.  I took my chocolate lab out for 45 minutes to come back and find that she is still sleeping (insert celebratory music)!  

My daughter is not a huge napper, although this has been somewhat changing in the last week.  There is a god.   On the rare occasion she actually closes her eyes and goes down, I get paralyzed and don't know what to do first.  I fantasize about these 'naps' everyone talks about that I have generated elaborate plans in my head of what I would do, but when the time comes, my excitement turns to paralysis.  It's like when the hottest guys talks to you out of the blue, you've practiced your responses in your head on the off chance this happens and when it does, you're basically MUTE or murmur something unintelligible!  She's sleeping now and I am enjoying a peaceful cup of coffee and writing this post.  I got it together. This is nice.  The calm before the storm.

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