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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another birthday party...

My husband, daughter and I attended yet another one year old birthday party within the last two weeks.  These parties are sweet,  they really are...cake smashing, oohs, ahhs, countless plastic toys from China, healthy veggies put out by Moms who are sure the other Moms in attendance will judge them by their food selection and opt for, at the very least, a small plate of carrots, cucumbers and peppers in the corner, of course organic and where applicable, locally farmed. It banks good karma, but from whom?  As a Mom and a woman, I am wondering who we are all trying to impress?  Please write in on this one!! The Moms who impress me have wine at their parties.  It says to me, "Yes, it is my child's first birthday and that's freakin' awesome, but I am freakin' stressed and have made it through one of the toughest years of my life, so lift a damn glass and celebrate with me. L'Chiam!".

There was wine at the party which I should tell you to be fair.   There was the potential for the party but one bottle of red and three bottles of white does not bode well for a "party."  Alas, I did not indulge and hit the wine store on the way home searching for a recently released wine that has gotten wonderful reviews.  After calling all over I have yet to find anyone locally carrying this wine.  When I do, I will drink it and talk about it here as I write.  The wine got super reviews in many objective reliable sources and costs around 10 dollars. Now, doesn't that sound promising?

So for now, I am enjoying a glass of Luca 2008 Malbec from Argentina.  This is a great Mendoza Malbec if you enjoy this sort of wine.  It is showing well now in 2011 and can take a few more years; notes of dark fruit, baked fruit, cola, cocoa, coffee/espresso and spice. It is a bit heavier than we have been drinking lately, but delicious.  If you like Malbec, I would pick this up before the weather gets too warm!  Or pick it up to savor sometime next winter on a cold night.

So really, who do you think you need to impress?

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