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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lyrical Explanations

 I've started to really notice the lyrics to some songs on the radio recently.  I used to love to learn lyrics to songs, but my attention to such lyrics currently has more to do with the explaining that will accompany them in the near future. 

In my trip down memory lane in preparation for my high school reunion, I was listening to Bon Jovi's "Never Say Goodbye" the other day and it occurred to me that in 20 years we've gone from singing things that implied sex like, "you lost more than that in my backseat, baby" to hearing Katy Perry singing, "and we danced on table tops, and we took too many shots, think we kissed but I forgot, last Friday night...we went streaking in the park, skinny dipping in the dark, then had a menage a trois, last Friday night." 

20 years ago, I could be in the car with my Mom and we could hear that Bon Jovi song and both pretend he was singing about her losing her keys and maybe her Zinc Pink lipstick.  Today, just that little snippet of TGIF presents with a lot of stuff.  And, no, my daughter is not a teenager yet, so I am not faced with her singing these songs and wondering if she knows what on earth they're talking about and thankfully, she is not at the stage where she is asking me either.  I still have a little time to think about what I'm going to say.  But I need to get on that STAT since with songs like Rhianna's "S and M" and New Boyz "Backseat", I have my work cut out for me.  I've attached "Backseat" lyrics for your listening and viewing pleasure. 

To think Elvis was scandalous when my Mom was a teenager because of his hip gyrations is laughable!

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