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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alaina Giordano Update

For those of you who haven't followed Alaina's story, she could use some prayers now.  As reported by her facebook page, she has spent several days in the hospital and will be moved to hospice.  You can read more at her facebook page.

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Brad Ballard said...

It's a terrible situation that she's in. However, I'm very uncomfortable with the amount of bashing of the children's father that is being orchestrated entirely by Alaina's sister.

I have followed the situation very closely from the beginning and the the rhetoric that has come from Alaina's family has been flat out wrong and grossly misrepresented what the judge actually ordered.

The judge never took the kids away from her. Alaina didn't want to move to Chicago. In fact, the judge ruled the parties can continue the shared custody arrangement. Alaina's supporters twisted it around to sound like the judge took the kids away from her because of her cancer.

Alaina's sister's postings on Facebook are inexcusable - they were done entirely to bash the dad. She has grossly misrepresented the situation from the beginning and because of this I am extremely skeptical we are getting anything close to the real story from Alaina's sister. Plus, the request for Kane to let Alaina take the kids to PA is insane. Here's why:
- With Alaina being in hospice in PA, she is no longer considered a legal guardian of the kids due to her state of health. If a major health situation develops with one of the kids while in PA, only the dad can make the decisions.
- Who knows how long the situation could last. It could be days, weeks, months. Who is taking care of the kids?
- Given how much flak the dad has gotten because of the sister wanting to make all of this public, why the heck would he even consider letting her take care of his kids? It will be a 24/7 bash Kane fest in her sister's house.

Her sister has no problem letting posts that bash dad on her public Facebook site. Why would dad believe that she would refrain from bashing him with the kids there? A leopard doesn't change their spots.

It's a terrible situation where from the beginning, Alaina was getting horrible advice from her family by making all of this very public. I just wish her sister gave us an update along the lines "Keep Alaina in her prayers. As this is a complicated situation, we are currently working with Dad to come up with a solution to ensure the children are with their mother in her final days"