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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Smoking in the car with your kids?

As a child who grew up with a smoker who didn't quit smoking until I was well out of the house in college, I can tell you it is a disgusting experience to be locked in a car with a parent who smokes whether the damn windows are up OR down.   As an adult and now a parent myself, when I see adults smoking in the car with children, I'm thinking, who the hell are you to take your addiction and put your children in a position where they have no choice.  Especially with all the hardcore medical research out there telling us the impact of not only smoking, but second hand smoking and now third hand smoke!  Yes, denial is a powerful thing.

 Smoking is one of the hardest addictions to give up.  It is and I get that.  I watched my Dad try to quit several times throughout my life.  And I'm not saying that people have to quit.  They may not want to quit.  But placing others, namely children whose bodies are still developing, is downright irresponsible, neglectful and selfish.

Thankfully, some states are moving to tackle this issue, mainly related to smoking while having children in the car.  Maryland is close to passing this into law.  It's about time.  Nice job Maryland!

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