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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Holy Cow!

Is the world ready for the 'breast milk baby'?  I mean, is America ready for the breast milk baby?

It really doesn't matter, because it's already here!

Berjuan Toys has just introduced this toy baby to the market and yes, it breast feeds.  The company has six babies to choose from when purchasing.  And from looking at the website, I think they are hoping to encompass several ethnic backgrounds from the six dolls.  In truth, it's three dolls since each ethnicity comes with a male and female doll.  And they cost $89.00 each.  That's a lot for a doll, in my humble opinion.

Anyhow, the baby comes with what is called a 'magic top' which the 'mommy' (aka: your child) puts on to get ready for feeding her baby.  Then your child will place the baby next to the strategically placed flowers (aka: nipples) on her 'magic top' and the baby will start sucking 'just like a real baby' (as the website claims).  The website encourages burping after the first breast to make sure your baby doesn't get a tummy ache and that if he is still hungry, don't forget the other breast!

For more information, go to

Look out lactation consultants, you could be out of work in 20+ years.

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