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Monday, March 14, 2011

Mama Mondays

This is for all the Mama's out there whose time is limited.  So, with that, I mean all of us.

 Each Monday I will post something just for us. Nothing child related, I promise.  These will be fun things you can do for yourself to recharge the batteries. 

I'm a therapist, currently practicing part-time after the birth of my daughter.  The one thing I see consistently in my practice amongst my patients who are Mothers is that few, if any, really schedule any time for themselves.   This is also true amongst my Mom friends.  Usually when this discussion comes up I'm asked, what do I mean by that, 'time for myself'?

I mean a chunk of interrupted time that is solely for you that you stick to on a consistent basis.  I get it, it's hard to do, I know because I lost the ability to do this myself.  I used to make time for myself, I know I did it's just really hard to remember.  To tell you the truth, I have to think real hard to imagine what things were like for me before my life became scented with poop and curdled milk.  I realize this is a problem.  I thought I was a pretty cool person with lots of interests before the energizer bunny emerged from my womb, but I haven't seen that person in a long time.  I miss her.

I liken Moms to watering cans.  We supply the water that nurtures the seedlings.  But what happens when there is no more water in the watering can?  It has to be filled and it has to be filled by you!  Giving yourself some time consistently each week that has nothing to do with child care, but with something that you were passionate about before the birth of your children fills that watering can.

So for today, I am introducing you to  Maybe not introducing you since some of you may have heard of it before. is a website that will send you a small portion of a book, of your choice, everyday.  You decide when  you want it sent and it will arrive then.  For those of you who feel you have no time to sink into that classic you want to read, want to tackle Russian literature or that romance novel that would be a welcome escape, here's your chance to read in digestible portions.  It may take a while to get through a book, but you will have something to talk about at that next cocktail party with your childless friends instead of sounding like a complete bore talking about how long it took you to cross reference websites and ratings of that convertible car seat that you still haven't purchased.  Snore!

  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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