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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eggstraspecial Egg Hunt

I decided to venture out early yesterday morning for my daughter's first egg hunt.  I had only fond memories of the few egg hunts I had participated in, so I thought it would be lots of fun.  After getting my daughter her hunt accessories, bunny ears and basket a la Target totaling $3.00, we headed to the hunt.  Due to the possibility of inclement weather, it was being hosted in a school.  Walking up to the school, it should have registered that this was going to be something 'special'.

I heard Mother's on the street telling their spouses, friends, or other parents that they were being 'scolded' at the door for bringing their strollers.  We live in a city, people walk and not everyone got online to see that the event organizers had asked for people to leave their wheels at home due to  a lack of space in the school.  So, already, there were some hot tempers beginning to flare and some decided to just leave.

I waited on the line to get in which took about 10 minutes to get to the registration table.  I got my hunt instructions which spelled out in black and white that 'adults were not to participate in collecting eggs'...did they really need to say that?  I guess they did for good reason if they printed out these instructions that the were giving all registrants!  The next instruction was that no child could collect more than '10 eggs' otherwise you would be charged.  That sounded fair since while on line to get in I heard some parents talking about how they had their son 'practicing' to get as many eggs as fast as he could so he could 'win'.  He was about the same age as my daughter, 2.  There was no mention of there being winners at the 0-3 year old egg hunt.  ????

Anyhow, this egg hunt was one disorganized mess.  People were crowding into close quarters and pushing each other to get to the head of the line with no one actually clarifying what on earth was going on.  It was hot, kids were cranky and parents were getting even crankier.  Parents were trying to cut the line, I was cut off twice, but decided not to say a word since if it's so important for you to cut a line at an egg hunt, you already have enough problems that I actually feel sorry for you.

 Older kids were ahead of the little ones who were supposed to go first and the breaking point for me was when a Mom decided to start F-bombing another Mother, quite loudly I might add, behind her accusing her of pushing, which I don't doubt was going on since, I was being pushed as well with really nowhere to go.   But at that point, I was sandwiched in the midst of a sea of people and would have to push my way out.  After waiting an hour and a half to get some cheap plastic eggs, I decided we would head straight to the store to get some of our own and create our own hunt at home without F-bombing parents and those parents who are grooming their children for the Olympics of Egg Hunts.

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