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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mother's Day - Tory Burch

Because your spouse is probably not trolling the internet for deals on women's fashion and handbags, you can let him know that Tory Burch is offering 25% off most of her site (sorry, excluding the Reva flats and a few other things detailed on the website) until April 30th.  It's a pretty good deal, no?  It's called the "Friends and Fans" event.

Make it easy on your significant other and tell them what you want this Mother's Day.  She does have some cute nylon totes that are great for Moms with young kids with their leaky bottles or sippy cups!  If you're fortunate to be out of that stage, there are many other great bags that convert from shoulder bag to clutch!  Gotta love a bag that has two functions.

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