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Friday, April 22, 2011

My confession

I confess, I am beyond excited that my daughter can only recently focus on television.

I can put her in front of the Cat in the Hat, Super Readers, Sesame Street, Clifford or Super Why and she is entertained for at least 15 minutes and not tearing apart the entire house like the Tazmanian Devil that she has become which allows me to breath, use the bathroom and potentially chill out for a second.  If it's a little longer, I admit,  it's heaven. It is, I'm human.

Crucify me, non-allowing television watching Moms.

My daughter eats sugar too.

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Susan said...

My kids are on to video games, itouches,etc. I was a nut with my first (no videos, sugar, the works) . Things got looser with my second, and by the time my daughter was born we were dealing with homework and such with my first. TV, videos and the lot are an escape for everyone in my family. They are only allowed on non school nights, but the kids need to escape from our nagging as much as we need to chill out.