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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Drama Mama

Have you heard of Nicole Imprescia?  She is a NYC Mom of a 4 year old and is currently suing her daughter's preschool, that she only attended for three weeks, alleging that the school jeopardized her child's chances of getting into one of Manhattan's elite private schools.  But it doesn't stop there, no, she takes it one step further to allege that because they failed to prepare her daughter for the entrance exams for these private schools, the school has jeopardized her chances of acceptance at an Ivy League school.  Whoa.  I didn't realize you could totally ruin a 4 year old's future in three weeks.   

She's suing for $19,000, which is the yearly tuition at the preschool.  Yes, you can gasp!  Is this really about education or about sticking that elite private school sticker on the back of your car?  You decide.

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