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Monday, April 25, 2011

Oil change trip

Today I had to get my car serviced and they wanted me there by 8.  I was up super early this morning since my husband left for a business trip at 4am, and had been up since 3:30am which meant I was too.  I never quite went back to sleep, so getting there at 8 wasn't going to be a problem today.

I brought my daughter breakfast so that she could eat it there.  The first 15 minutes were great.  She sat in a chair with her doll, her book, her tupperware cup of blueberries and milk.  But then hell broke loose.  She got herself out of the chair, running recklessly through the car show room, sticking her hands in planters throwing the soil all over the place, squealing all the while in pure delight as I walked around being the 'broom' I have now added to the skills on my resume.  When the planters weren't enough, it was the racks of pamphlets about the cars, taking them and switching them around, running quickly to the next display to rearrange anything and everything, and I kept up behind her, bending down, picking stuff up and rearranging trying to remember where all the materials had originated.  Then it was onto the cars, touching and smushing her face against the shiny cars where she was giggling at her reflection.  She was having a ball.  And it didn't stop there, then it was on to the customer service area, where she proceeded to take the entire basket full of snacks for customers, barging into the staff offices offering granola bars, packaged danish and popcorn.  When I took the basket away, it was pure all out tantrum, pure baby meltdown.  I was spent.  Thankfully, saved by the bell, my car was ready.  Baby put in carseat, milk in hand, asleep in 5 minutes...peace.  I will be in bed by 7.

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