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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The best dentist visit ever

I feel like a big ball of negativity sometimes.   I hate this, don't like that, I'm so tired, I'm so cranky, blah, blah, blah.  Every time I have an appointment for myself that I need to take my daughter to I get so stressed out that she will freak and she often does.  So today I had a dentist appointment.  They had to reschedule a month ago since my hygienist was on jury duty and when they asked if it was going to be a problem, I told them yes,  I had booked child care.  They told me not to worry.  They HAD childcare.  Really...

I got there today and they gave me the option of bringing her with me, leaving her with the RN they have on staff to watch children or to have the RN watch her in my exam room.  What?  I brought her back since she will be headed to her first dentist in a month and wanted her to see that Mommy wasn't scared.  She was pretty good, and when she began to cry, that RN ran into the room with a toothbrush for her and entertained her for the remainder of my visit.  I barely had a moment to stress out.  They were absolutely AMAZING.  It was the best dentist visit ever.

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