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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A New Voice on the Blog

 As I mentioned a few posts ago, I am happy to have another voice to chime in on topics here that relate to our experiences as wives, Mothers, daughters, sisters and all of the other things you know that we ARE!   Look for our joint posts that will be up soon and if you have something you want to hear about, let us know.  We will be happy to talk about it and share our own experiences. So without further adieu, here she is...

 KVB says:

"Catching a girlfriend on the phone nowadays isn’t easy.  Yelling at my television never seems to be effective. Preaching to my husband on subjects on which he is in complete agreement or clearly doesn’t care and explaining to my 4 year old the importance of the argument that I am making just makes everyone think I’m crazy.  So I guess it’s time to blog.  
I am a married mother of two, loyal friend, planner, volunteer and I work full time.  Basically, I’m dancing as fast as I can!  Life is great but as you’ve heard from my girlfriend here before, trying to find a balance between it all is a challenge.  I’m always trying to find ways to be better at all of the above and more; but mostly I find that as one aspect improves, others fall off.  “You can’t do it all” has never felt more real to me but damn if I’m not going to try!  And the only way to keep trying is to be able to pick myself up, brush myself off and laugh as we slip and fall along the way.
Aside from dinner and a Broadway musical, there is nothing I love more than a good debate so I look forward to the hearing from you!  I have a lot to share on subjects from babies to books, movies to men, food to fertility.   I know that there are many women out there who find themselves in the same boat as me and while we may not always agree, it’s a big boat with room for everyone."

To find out joint posts, the will be under the label "Momvos". 

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