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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Dependency of Motherhood

I have a problem.  I don't enjoy being dependent on anyone to take care of my basic needs.  And I am out of luck because I am now in the position of always being dependent on others if I want to go to the doctor, dentist, get a haircut or do about anything by myself to take care of myself.  Try going to your next doctors appointment with your child.  I've done it out of necessity and it's no picnic in the park.  Try being on the table at the gyn with the doctor examining you singing to your colicky baby with your right hand hanging over the side giving your baby a bottle because she can't hold it yet and if you stop feeding her, she will scream bloody murder!  Can you see it?  It happened.

I've learned taking my daughter to such things is not a good idea for me, for her and for whomever is providing the service that day.  Therefore, these sorts of basic needs like going to the doctor, dentist, having a haircut feel like a major production in scheduling because I need someone to watch her and random appointments are harder to find people for than something that occurs every week.  I've rescheduled my dentist appointment that should have taken place in January four times now, my gyn appointment that should have happened this month won't until June and my haircut appointment, who knows when that is going to happen.  I've had thoughts of cutting it myself, but then reconsidered.

I hear friends tell me that they won't let their in-laws or family who live close watch their children because they have some issue,  mind you their concerns do not relate to any potential harm to their children, others or themselves,with their family members. And I'm scratching my head thinking, are you kidding me?!?!?!  I would give my left arm for family living close, so I could have some semblance of normalcy when it comes to taking care of myself.   Send your crazy family my way...I will take them!  Really, I will.

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