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Thursday, April 21, 2011

In partial defense of the Man-Child

I'm not so sure that the Man-Child isn't partially a consequence of many confounding variables such as men being the underrepresented gender in colleges and universities today, the fact that women can have the jobs that were once only attainable by men, can make the same amount or more than men, can support themselves quite well and can be more educated than men, if they choose.  I have actually heard from some men that they don't feel needed except for that little thing that makes a child.  And with women being able to do all that they once believed they needed a man for it's understandable to see why some women believe they don't need one, and perhaps, men have started to question what their purpose is in all of this if women can do all that they can except provide sperm.

 If women can do all the things they formally relied upon men to do in the traditional families of the 50s, then why can't men start to take on some of those traditionally female characteristics and roles that they would have been criticized for taking on years ago?   I sort of think there could have been a very quiet exhale by the male gender.  Some of the pressure has been lifted on both sides.  Instead of having to be a good provider and successful to be a good catch, now men can look at a woman's CV and decide is she is a good catch and can provide for him.  Instead of feeling that she has to stay home and be a domestic goddess, women can have that high powered job and look for a man who is a good cook and wonderful with children.  Is that so hard to imagine?  We are, in many cases, moving away from the predetermined sex roles that have permeated society.  With all of the changes in society, maybe we are all just trying things on for size to see how it's all going to work.

 However, being at home doesn't mean that you get to get to be 13 again and play video games without a care in the world.  There's laundry, toys to clean up, housecleaning, dishwasher emptying, toys to clean up, diaper changing, baby feeding, toys to clean up again, baby bathing, toddler chasing, toys to clean up yet again, book reading, playgroup attending, limit setting, time out enforcing, grocery shopping,  meal making, toys to clean up, bed time preparations, errand running things to be done.  Women, for sure, didn't sit at home eating bon bons for the last hundred years while home with their children.

Then there are the Moms who work full time and then come home to do all the tasks listed above,but that's another conversations in and of itself.


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