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Monday, April 4, 2011

10 things I love about my daughter (today)

1. She is nurturing.  She feeds her dolls alongside her in her highchair as she eats making chewing noises for them as she feeds them. (these dolls visit the washing machine often). 

2. She shares.  She will hand over toys to other children at the baby gym and when eating, she shares her food if she notices you don't have any.

3. She helps others in distress.  I have been told by the kids zone staff at the gym that she will bring toys to other kids who are crying and this weekend, when my niece was having an unhappy moment, she instinctively began rocking her in the car seat she had been strapped into.  I was in awe.  I didn't tell her to do that nor have I ever showed her how to do that!

4. She has empathy.  After rocking her cousin and seeing that she was still in distress, my daughter began to scream as loud as my niece. They were in it together.

5.  She is fiercely independent.  As soon as she figured out she could feed herself, she wanted to do it herself.  She would shoo me away if I tried to help her.  And now that she can walk, she no longer wants to be in the stroller.  She wants to actually push the stroller herself and pushes my hand off calmly when I try to put it in the right direction. Although she can't speak in sentences, I hear her saying, "Mom, I can do it myself".  I let her.

6.  She wakes up happy!

7.  She shows everyone her belly button like it's something to be proud of!

8.  She is a hugger and a snuggler.  She gives GREAT hugs!  I can't get enough of either.

9.  She loves pickles.  So do I.

10.  She is confident.  I love to watch her in new settings.  Whether it's a new museum, new park, new event or new person.  She is appropriately hesitant at first, looks at me for a cue that it's ok and then she is off!  Laughing, giggling, exploring while I watch her feeling so proud of this little person as she makes her way in the world.

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