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Friday, April 8, 2011

Parenting - Talking Sex, educate yourself

I get a lot of questions about parenting issues and resources.  Sex happens to be the most difficult topic, I find, that parents struggle with discussing.  Your kids will only be as comfortable talking about it as you are.  They know when you're freaked out more than you think you can hide it.

The beauty about the fact that children are not born adolescents gives us all a large amount of time to educate ourselves and get ready for those more challenging conversations that are sure to come up, that is, if our kids think we can handle it.  Show them you are, educate yourself now.  That's the beauty of children, none pop out talking and wanting answers which gives us the time to anticipate their questions and get to a point where we can be comfortable giving them.

This is a fantastic website and has lots of information for teens regarding sexuality.  Brought to you by Kinsey, who else?

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