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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do you know a Man-Child?

I have been taken aback with the amount stories I have heard lately, all from women, about spouses or partners who seem to fit into that 'Man-Child' category.  Really, I have been told these stories, from friends, colleagues and with those with whom I work.  It's really quite a phenomenon.  There have been a few articles and books published out about the delayed adolescence of men, but these seem to focus on single men.  The Man-Child I'm speaking of is NOT single.

  So, what is a Man-Child?  Well,  Urban Dictionary offers many definitions for this term, but my definition is this:

A grown married man, in his mid thirties to mid forties, who continues to live as an adolescent.  He is either not gainfully employed, or does not work or is not motivated to work to his full potential.  If he is not employed, there is no evidence that he has been job searching during the day nor is there any evidence that he has tried to help with the housework while his wife/partner is out supporting the family.  He is more than okay doing the bare minimum so that he can pursue adolescent endeavors.   He is heavily addicted to video games and may even be involved in weekly gatherings around such activities.  He relies heavily on his wife/partner to carry the family financially or potentially because she has better health coverage at her work.   He complains a lot and when he is sick, he must be waited on hand and foot by his wife who should then also become a 'nurse' on top of her job and parenting roles.  He has often been coddled by his parents and needs lots of emotional support.

Does this creature sound familiar?

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