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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

dance hall days

I confess, I get sick of Elmo and his songs.  We go to baby gym class, we sing.  We go to the library weekly gathering, we sing.  We sing, we sing, we sing.  The wheels on the bus go round and round. 

Four months after my daughter was born and about the time when I thought I would lose my mind and just about the time, I finally understood why some Mother's fantasize about leaving or actually do.  I had to do something and do something quick.  My husband was out of town for the week and having no family anywhere within 300 miles or a babysitter on call there was no way for me to get out of the house to reconnect to that person I was before this little person entered my world.  I needed a quick intervention.  So,  I went on to YouTube and typed Sponge into the search engine.  Molly.  That's what I needed.  It was hard, loud and a bit angry, perfect.  I picked up my daughter and we danced and yes,  I felt better.  So much better that I played the song several times over.  I felt better each time.  I was going to keep this intervention.

 Yes, my daughter and I have dance party nights now where I pick some songs off YouTube.  Now that she is walking, I don't have to hold her.  She squats a little and shakes her tush, it's hilarious.   We giggle and move around each other. Sometimes she grabs a tambourine or maraca and sometimes, I do too.  She squeals with joy, and I sing the way I did years ago while driving in my car alone with the windows up.  We have this wonderful moment together where we both get something that feels so good.   And I get to introduce her to the music of The Beatles, The Shins and The Pixies...just to name a few.  These are the moments that I will need to hold onto when she is 15 and telling me I know nothing!

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